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Technical Services

In today’s Plastic Industry the service level from major resin suppliers and mega distributors has been reduced in an effort to meet management profitability goals. This does not help someone trying to develop a new plastic product, select the proper product grade, solve a processing issue or start up a new mold. They need immediate service and Drumco Inc. responds in hours not days.

With over 35 years experience in the plastic business and personnel knowledgeable in all aspects of polypropylene and most other commodity and engineering plastics, Drumco is ready with timely, quality technical support.

Packaging and Specialty Services

Contracted break bulk facilities are available from Drumco Inc. This includes blending, international shipment loading, bulk truck, and box packaging. We are flexible and responsive allowing us to meet specific customer requirements, including pellet blending of proprietary customer supplied additives. Associated facilities give us the opportunity to provide compounding service and the development of our own specialty polypropylene formulations. 


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