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Prime, Generic and Wide specification and Compounder feedstocks.

Homopolymers, which have high heat resistance and good rigidity, making them suitable for a vast range of applications.

Copolymers, which are made by incorporating different monomers, are extremely resilient materials and have wide uses in automotive and industrial applications.

Random Copolymers, which are made by introducing ethylene links into the polymer chain, tend to have improved optical properties, making them ideal for applications such as packaging where transparency is required.

Basell® Polyolefins Distributor

Pro-fax: Polypropylene homopolymer, random and impact copolymer products based on Ziegler-Natta catalysts.

Metocene: Polypropylene homopolymer, random and impact copolymer products based on single-site metallocene catalysts.

Basell® Advanced Polyolefins

Polypropylene compounds made with additives ranging from rubber, which provides softness and elasticity, to talc and mineral fillers and glass fibers, for stability and rigidity. Properties can be tailored to fit specific applications.

Catalloy process products covers a range of elastomeric soft touch polypropylene grades.

Polybutene–1 (PB-1) resins for peel seal, film modification, hot melt and polyolefin modification applications.

Compounding and Color Concentrates
Distribution sales of specialty compounded resins containing additives, fillers or pigments and color concentrates, matched to order or stock black and white.

Additional Resins

Polyethylene and Engineering Resin Sales.

Distribution sales of generic HDPE, LDPE, and ABS.

Buying Plastic Resins, Regrind

Drumco buys regrind, reprocessed, and surplus polypropylene and polyethylene. Please fill out our Product Information form on the Buying Page.

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